Courtney Mallett
Artistic Staff


Courtney Mallet was born and raised in Cedar Hill, MO and currently resides in Imperial, MO. She grew up performing and competing with Dance Productions Unlimited (DPU Dance).

In 2013, Courtney became a member of St. Louis’ Ashleyliane Dance Company where she danced as a junior trainee, apprentice and is now in her seventh season as a full company member.

She recently graduated from Webster University in 2019 with a BA in Dance and an Entrepreneurship certificate.While at Webster, she worked with choreographers such s Beckah Reed, Maggi Dueker, Betsy Brandt, Michael Uthoff, Xi Zhao, Thom Dancy, Eve Mason and many others.

Courtney is excited to return to DPU Dance for another season, and share everything she has learned with all of the students.


Adult Tap

A technique based class that focuses on using sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion. This class will expand on a Dancer’s musicality with an emphasis on rhythm and timing. Dancers will learn Tap skills and how to integrate sounds with that of the music. 

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