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 Thank you for looking into our dress code. At DPU, we strive for professionalism and training of the whole person. Our dress code assists in setting an environment of excellence in our everyday studio culture. Please see the respective classes below.

Note: Please place your name in ALL shoes.

Need appropriate dance wear? We no longer sell products within the DPU Dance Studio. However, we are excited to partner with local dance wear provider On Pointe Dancewear.


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Ballet: Black leotard, pink tights, pink canvas ballet shoes and hair secured tightly in slicked back, proper bun. Failure to abide by dress code after first warning will result in student being asked to sit out of class.

Company Routines/Technique Classes/Combo Classes: Dancers MUST be in ALL black at all times, NO EXCEPTIONS. Dancewear of different varieties such as but not limited to: crop tops, leggings, booty shorts, leotards (must have bottoms on), tighter athletic wear, etc – no loose fitting t-shirts or street clothes. Shoes will differ depending on style. Contact Artistic Director, Ashley Claybrook, for further inquiries.